Winding down, packing up-Saturday

Yet another bright hot sunny day dawns. They have been relentless. There are a few absent faces at breakfast and some cautious eating – digestive systems are starting to crumble with the inevitable rumble-tums that India can cause. Dick Brown is not going to eat a curry for the next twelve months!

A day by the pool reading and catching up is hindered by so many people trying to check in for the domestic flight. The WiFi of the resort is reduced to a trickle so my attempts to upload the photos on my camera to the tablet are rendered futile. Haven’t yet worked out how to use the WiFi button on the camera. I suspect it will be a revelation.

A game of floor Chess with Steve takes a while. I eventually resign after losing a rook towards the end and run out of attacking possibilities. He has failed to walk in to a couple of mating traps I set.

The idea of having a proper end of tour dinner comes to nothing. John is distracted by his wife’s illness, some are talking of having an evening nap before leaving at 1am and other are feeling a bit the worse for digestive wear. We muster 12 in the end at Wes’s shack and have a last good meal.

All gather in the foyer amidst a pile of luggage. I manage to say farewell to almost everyone in the melee. I am going to miss being part of a big happy group, not to mention the lack of cricket. It will be something to anticipate with a new slant this season when coming up against Worcs.

Off to bed at 1am in an attempt to snatch a bit of shut-eye.

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    So off on your own now ? X

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      Yes, getting used to it after being in a big friendly band for two weeks. And Hospet is very different from the greenery of Goa. Glad to be leaving today. X

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