Lima – second half

No I have not turned to Didolatry. The disappointment of Osmo closed was assuaged by next door being Mario Testino gallery. The “beautiful people” pics were intriguing and engaging but it all came alive suddenly with the photos of the indigenous tribes. Breathtaking in colour and details.

And then there are the photos he took of Diana two months before she died. The images are large and powerful and intimate. And you can fill in the background and personality as you will. But the strength portrayed is overwhelming.

The girl on the desk said have lunch at the Singing Frog, so ceviche it was and very fine flavour and texture. Packed solid, I was seated at the bat being solo. It meant I had a great view of all the diners. Everywhere it is huge portions,my stomach I bulging.

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    The finials are very taking.

    Interested in the notion that the medical skills on offer on the edge of Lake Titicaca will be better than those in the capital. Hope this proves to be correct.

    An open staircase to the top of a bell tower would not be for me, so am more impressed by your photo from there than might otherwise be the case.

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    Will the roof finials be reproduced in your next designs?
    Like the look of the tile panels.

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