Dolce far niente- monday

Nothing to do to say but it’s OK, good morning.

An early morning cycle ride gives an energetic start to an otherwise very lazy day. Being out there with the scooters and cars whizzing by gives a good flavour of the traffic. And we have an impressive wait at a railway crossing. The trains are incredibly long,

The mist burns off eventually. The heat leaves you feeling in little need of food during the day time. A solitary packet of crisps seems more than enough.

A walk along the beach late afternoon shows it largely deserted. Closer inspection reveals endless alcohol bottles with lids on rolling around in the falling tide. Stopping off in a bar I am the only English speaker. It’s Russian rollout time. Watching their faces it’s hard to discern why they came on holiday. Glum and a lot of shouting at the staff.

Dinner is at a shack along the beach which is connected to the mother-in-law of someone in the party. A good meal eaten to the sounds of sixties pop. Memories trawled through reveal the names of most of the artists.

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