Buses – saturday

There is one waiting to go to Gulbarga. Ticket collector says it will arrive at 11.45. First impressions frequently on the nail- this one is an autocratic piece of work. Gives his whistle a lot of work. Probably BJP.

The speed bumps mean progress is slow. Someone should work out what they cost the economy in wasted fuel. Halfway there a huge row breaks out between BJP and a passenger. He is waving his finger in his face and blowing his whistle. Other passengers pull him off. We arrive an hour late.

There is a bus to Bidar “going in 15 minutes”. So just time for a pee. Get back to find the bus pulling out! Manage to hop on board. It’s normally late rather than early in India.

It’s a very good black top to Bidar so we do the 115 km in 2.5 hours.

Bidar is back of beyond. First hotel has A/C but no WiFi, second has neither ” we’re waiting for installation” and the third has both but room not ready for half an hour. Installed in the room I flake out. I’m running a temperature, headache and chest is clogged up. And my stomach is still not right. Yuck, definitely a low point.

Not going anywhere for the time being.

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    Hope you’re feeling better soon x

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