Quito in the Clouds

Getting high in the Andes was a twenty four hour headache that has now receded. You do everything slowly, one step at a time, or run out of steam. Quito is steep and hilly but it occasionally makes for stunning views. In a taxi this morning staring down a steep cobbled streets. I think he said it was dangerous when it rained. Understatement!
It’s difficult to pinpoint where the city lies economically or socially. There’s a lot of action on the street selling anything from bags of mangoes through street food ( Moto) to brush heads. I have learnt a new way to eat mangoes. But the girls standing outside the shops holding up extruded garish ice-cream are not tempting.
Whole streets are pedestrianised and even more at the weekend. But there are also beggars and mutilated occasionally.
Museums have ranged from closed for the last three years to being ultra new and swish. City museum was free today-not restaurants or Heritage Day, they were installing a new computer programme!
The churches are all( so far) bling on bling.But the Nativity scenes are astonishing in detail and colour.
No rain so far so it was the right decision leaving the brolly in Heathrow. So l don’t need to worry about looking like the Burk on the Coast programme when I go up Pichincha volcano via the teleferico.
An early start to catch the sun.

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    Are you sure you are in South America? This church could be anywhere ……pictures of views please , or maybe even a selfie?! Xx

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    Pleased your headache has receded and you are on the go – even if at a rather gentlemanly pace. A photo of the extruded and garish ice-creams please !

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    What a good start. Am interested in another way to prep mangoes as still eating the very ripe yummy ones here in Exmouth. Not sure about the headaches. I hope you acclimatise soon.

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      Yes, I’d like to know the ‘new’ way to eat mangoes!

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